PFU color key top set exclusive use of HHKB Professional series PD-KB400KT01

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Introducing the PFU Color Key Top Set, exclusively designed for the HHKB Professional series PD-KB400KT01. Elevate your keyboard game with this captivating accessory that adds a touch of personalization and style to your typing experience.

• Customization at Your Fingertips: With the PFU Color Key Top Set, you have the power to transform your HHKB Professional keyboard into a unique masterpiece. Choose from a range of vibrant colors and effortlessly swap out the key tops to suit your mood or match your workspace aesthetic.

• Unparalleled Quality: Crafted with precision and attention to detail, these key tops are made to withstand the test of time. The durable material ensures a comfortable typing experience, while the smooth texture adds a touch of elegance to your keyboard setup.

• Seamless Compatibility: Designed exclusively for the HHKB Professional series PD-KB400KT01, these key tops fit perfectly onto your keyboard, ensuring a seamless and secure fit. No more worrying about loose or wobbly keys – the PFU Color Key Top Set guarantees a snug and reliable typing experience.

• Express Yourself: Personalize your keyboard like never before. Whether you're a creative professional, a gaming enthusiast, or simply someone who appreciates a splash of color, the PFU Color Key Top Set allows you to showcase your unique personality and make a statement with every keystroke.

Upgrade your HHKB Professional series PD-KB400KT01 with the PFU Color Key Top Set and experience a whole new level of customization, comfort, and style. Elevate your typing game and let your keyboard reflect your individuality.

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