VERBATIM 95484 Disc DVD+R DL 8.5GB 2.4X Brand 15pk Spindle

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Introducing the VERBATIM 95484 Disc DVD+R DL 8.5GB 2.4X Brand 15pk Spindle, the perfect solution for all your data storage needs. Whether you're archiving important documents, backing up precious memories, or creating professional-quality videos, this high-performance DVD+R DL spindle has got you covered.

With a whopping 8.5GB capacity, you'll have ample space to store large files, high-resolution photos, and lengthy videos without compromising on quality. The 2.4X writing speed ensures quick and efficient burning, saving you valuable time and effort.

Crafted by the renowned brand VERBATIM, you can trust in the exceptional reliability and durability of these discs. Each spindle contains 15 discs, providing you with a generous supply to tackle multiple projects or build an extensive media library.

The DVD+R DL format allows you to record on both layers of the disc, effectively doubling the storage capacity compared to standard DVDs. This means you can fit more content onto a single disc, making it ideal for creating dual-layer DVDs or Blu-ray quality videos.

Compatible with most DVD writers and players, these discs offer universal usability, ensuring seamless playback on a wide range of devices. Whether you're sharing your latest masterpiece with friends and family or distributing important presentations to clients, rest assured that your content will be accessible to all.

So why settle for average when you can have exceptional? Elevate your data storage game with the VERBATIM 95484 Disc DVD+R DL 8.5GB 2.4X Brand 15pk Spindle. Order yours today and experience the convenience and reliability that only VERBATIM can deliver.

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