Verbatim CD-R 52x Speed 700MB/80min Glossy Silver 100/PK 1-Pack White VER94797

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Introducing the Verbatim CD-R 52x Speed 700MB/80min Glossy Silver!

Looking for a reliable and high-performance CD-R for all your data storage needs? Look no further! With its impressive 52x speed, this Verbatim CD-R allows you to burn your files quickly and efficiently, saving you valuable time.

Designed with a generous capacity of 700MB/80min, this CD-R provides ample space for storing your favorite music, important documents, memorable photos, and more. Whether you're archiving important files or creating your own mixtapes, this CD-R has got you covered.

Featuring a sleek and glossy silver finish, this CD-R not only offers exceptional functionality but also adds a touch of elegance to your media collection. Its eye-catching design is perfect for showcasing your creativity or simply adding a touch of sophistication to your CD collection.

With 100 discs in a convenient pack, you'll have plenty of CD-Rs to fulfill all your storage needs. Whether you're a professional looking to backup important data or a music enthusiast wanting to create personalized CDs, this pack has everything you need.

Don't compromise on quality when it comes to your data storage. Trust Verbatim, a brand known for its reliability and performance. Rest assured that your files will be safely stored and easily accessible whenever you need them.

Upgrade your CD-R collection with the Verbatim CD-R 52x Speed 700MB/80min Glossy Silver. Order now and experience the perfect combination of speed, capacity, and style!

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