Verbatim Colors 25 x CD-R 700 MB ( 80min ) 52x - slim jewel case

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Introducing the Verbatim Colors 25 x CD-R 700 MB (80min) 52x - slim jewel case!

Experience the perfect blend of style and functionality with these vibrant and reliable CD-R discs. Designed to meet all your data storage needs, these discs offer an impressive 700 MB capacity, allowing you to store up to 80 minutes of high-quality audio or data.

With a blazing-fast 52x recording speed, you can quickly burn your favorite music, photos, videos, and important files onto these discs, ensuring a seamless and efficient process. Whether you're creating a custom music mix, backing up important documents, or archiving cherished memories, these CD-R discs are up to the task.

But it's not just about performance - these Verbatim CD-R discs also come in a sleek and slim jewel case, adding a touch of elegance to your CD collection. The vibrant colors make it easy to organize and identify your discs, while the durable construction provides optimal protection against scratches and dust.

Trust Verbatim, a leading brand in optical media, to deliver exceptional quality and reliability. Each disc undergoes rigorous testing to ensure optimal recording and playback performance, so you can rest assured that your data is safe and secure.

Don't settle for ordinary CD-R discs when you can have the Verbatim Colors 25 x CD-R 700 MB (80min) 52x - slim jewel case. Upgrade your storage solution today and enjoy the perfect combination of style and functionality.

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