Verbatim Printable CD-R Disc 700MB/80min 52x Spindle White Pack of 50

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Introducing the Verbatim Printable CD-R Discs, the perfect solution for all your data storage needs! With a capacity of 700MB/80min and a blazing fast 52x writing speed, these discs are designed to deliver exceptional performance every time.

What sets these CD-R discs apart is their printable surface. The white spindle pack of 50 comes with a specially coated surface that allows you to print high-quality, professional-looking labels directly onto the discs. Whether you're creating custom music albums, archiving important files, or showcasing your creative projects, these printable CD-R discs offer endless possibilities.

Not only do these discs provide ample storage space, but they also ensure reliable data transfer and long-lasting durability. Each disc is engineered with precision, guaranteeing compatibility with a wide range of CD burners and players. You can trust Verbatim's renowned reputation for producing top-notch optical media.

The spindle packaging not only keeps your discs organized but also protects them from dust, scratches, and other potential damage. This means that your valuable data will remain safe and secure, even during transportation or storage.

Whether you're a professional or a hobbyist, the Verbatim Printable CD-R Discs are an essential addition to your media collection. Don't settle for ordinary discs when you can have the convenience and flexibility of printable surfaces. Unlock your creativity and make a lasting impression with these high-quality CD-R discs.

Choose Verbatim, the trusted brand for optical media, and experience the ultimate in performance, reliability, and versatility. Order your pack of 50 Verbatim Printable CD-R Discs today and take your data storage to the next level!

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